mpich 3.1.4 in rawhide - soname changes

Dave Love at
Sun Mar 15 23:17:46 UTC 2015

Orion Poplawski <orion at> writes:

>> Do we know if the actual ABI is incompatible, rather than library
>> names/contents?  If not, a compatibility libmpich might be useful,
>> partly to avoid breaking existing binaries and partly because I suspect
>> some things will look for a library of that name, at least when
>> building.
> Hard to say, but it's a fairly moot point as the soname has changed.

I don't understand.  That would be the reason for making compatibility
shims, assuming the soname is consistent with the library name.  Anyhow,
I don't have strong feelings about what it might forestall, especially
as I don't run Fedora, but got bitten by RHEL.

> Personally I think it's worth just biting the bullet and pushing 3.1.4 to F22
> now and doing the rebuilds.

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