glibc fix to allow instlangs to really work -- too late for f22?

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Wed Mar 18 11:50:14 UTC 2015

The glibc team has a fix for a longstanding issue, which is that
"instlangs" hasn't worked in the installer. This means that in a
minimal image of about 400MB, 100MB is translation information. (Of
course we want Fedora to be international, but there are many cases
like Docker containers where no human is really even looking inside, so
it's just overhead.)

In the cloud and docker images, we've been carrying horribly hacks
(really, horrible) to strip this out ofter the fact. The new fix would
let us get the same effect the right way. I'm told that this is a
low-risk change and does not affect the rest of glibc. So, the question
-- I guess mostly for FESCo, but in general -- is: should we get this
in before the beta, or should it wait for F23?

Matthew Miller
<mattdm at>
Fedora Project Leader

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