FreeRDP downgrade in rawhide and f22 updates-testing

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu Mar 19 08:29:57 UTC 2015

On Wed, 2015-03-18 at 22:07 +0300, Pavel Alexeev wrote:
> > 
>     Why you revert it in rawhide too?
>     I could help with rebuilding dependencies. Is there other known
>     troubles except so-name change?

It's more *rewriting* dependencies than rebuilding them. Especially 
guacamole. You have to deal with the fact that svc_plugin went away, 
and also the old event system (the two commits immediately after the 
FreeRDP snapshot I reverted to). And then potentially more.

I did take a look at making guacamole build against FreeRDP HEAD. I 
got the svc_plugin part working, but then realised that even that had 
licensing problems because I was lifting Apache-licensed code snippets 
from FreeRDP. See

If you want to get guacamole-server building against the latest 
FreeRDP, that would be *great*. In the meantime, I didn't think it was 
good to update FreeRDP in rawhide and leave it broken. So I've updated 
to a snapshot which is new enough to meet my requirements (I need 
freerdp-shadow), but without breaking guacamole.

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