Swap problem in rawhide

Ömer Fadıl USTA omerusta at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 05:06:26 UTC 2015

anaconda or systemd creates swap partition/file values in /etc/fstab
with a wrong pri value.

in /etc/fstab it shows as uuid=.... swap swap pri=-1 0 0
on the other hand after system reboots systemd's fstab-generator gives
error and not enables swap. ( So if you didn't edit your /etc/fstab
and change value to uuid=... swap swap defaults 0 0  you will have
a DISABLED swap )

Why fstab-generator couldn't handle swap ? Because it is not programmed for
getting a negative value as pri parameter. Thus in logs it says :

 systemd-fstab-generator[16571]: Failed to parse priority: Numerical
result out of range

systemd's fstab generator is checking if  pri exist or it is between 0 - 32767
so if we delete pri=-1 part from /etc/fstab it will be not a problem for
fstab-generator ( pri is optional )

PS : Bug reported as #1204336

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