rawhide report: 20150323 changes

Jens Petersen petersen at redhat.com
Tue Mar 24 02:12:06 UTC 2015

Sorry for the ghc breakage in rawhide - this was caused
by a rebuild of ghc against ghc-rpm-macros which caused
ghc-*-devel not to contain Haskell dependency information.
I plan to put more checks in place to avoid this happening again.

This should be fixed now in Rawhide with ghc-7.8.4-42.2.fc23
(and ghc-rpm-macros-1.4.13-1.fc23) which also bootstraps for aarch64.

> [alex]
> [bustle]
> [cabal-install]
> 	cabal-install- requires
> 	ghc(array-

(This ABI hash change was due to the i686 build using make -j12:
x86_64 and i686 builds are now using -j16 again.)

> [darcs]
> [ghc-HTTP]
> [ghc-aeson]
> [ghc-conduit]
> [ghc-gtk]
> [ghc-hakyll]
> [ghc-scotty]
> [ghc-warp]
> [git-annex]
> [hledger]
> [hlint]
> [idris]
> [pandoc]
> [shake]
> [xmobar]
> [xmonad]

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