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Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at
Wed Mar 25 16:25:38 UTC 2015

On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 08:35:22AM -0600, Jerry James wrote:
> Changing the subject to something more appropriate.
> On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 9:35 AM, Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou at> wrote:
> > We have changed the way notifications are sent to the scm-commits mailing list.
> > Before we had notification sent by the git hook, by pkgdb, by X Y and Z.
> > With the move to production of FMN a little while ago, we had in mind of
> > switching the notifications to scm-commits to use this system, and over the last
> > hour we have done it.
> >
> > So emails sent to scm-commits now come from FMN, allowing, for example,
> > consolidation of the pkgdb notifications.
> >
> > So I guess your email filter might have to be adjusted for this change.
> Okay, I've got 3 filters set:
> - Mentions of my @username
> - Events on packages that I own
> - Events referring to my username
> But I'm getting LOTS of notification emails that, as far as I can see,
> have nothing to do with my username or any package that I own.  I
> don't understand how to adjust my filters to make those stop.

This is odd, would you mind dropping by on #fedora-apps to help us diagnose the

> Furthermore, there is still the issue that the link at the bottom of
> the email notifications is not useful.  Clicking on those links just
> returns an HTTP 403, which is not helpful.  Trying to dissect them
> with my apparently uninformed brain is not teaching me anything.  What
> am I supposed to be able to glean from those links?  I need a Rosetta
> Stone....

This link is being/going to be removed very soon, it is indeed pretty useless as
no-one can access the account there but the FMN admins, so we are working on
this :)

Thanks for your reports,

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