unzip - support of segmented archives - look for volunteers for testings

Petr Stodulka pstodulk at redhat.com
Wed Mar 25 18:08:41 UTC 2015

I create repositories in copr for testing. So you can available my copr 
repositories by:
# dnf copr enable pstodulk/unzip

so you can use actual fedora-devel version with this feature. If some 
is broken for unsegmented archives, it's important information too, so 
use it
and report it :-)


> Hi folks,
> I work on patch for support of segmented archives on unzip. It's 
> created alpha patch, which will be modified in future
> and probably (that's perhaps certainty ) it still contains bugs. 
> However some testing should helps next devel, so if someone works with 
> *.zip
> multi-disk archives and want to try/test this new feature
> a) here you can download scrach-build which you want - I did build 
> only for F21 now (unzip-6.0-22.fc21.src.rpm)
> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=9319882
> (if you want check code direct in repository, patch is inside branch 
> pstodulk_segment)
> b) or you can test upstream version:
> $ wget http://antinode.info/ftp/info-zip/unzip610c17s.zip
> $ unzip unzip610c17s.zip
> $ cd unzip610c17s
> $ make -f unix/Makefile -j5 CC=cc PROD=compiled_unzip 
> $ cd compile_unzip
> - and try unzip your multidisk archive (is expected *.zip file as 
> input! and all segments must be in the same directory!)
> - multi-volume archives are not supported now (with different names, 
> e.g.: main.zip not_main.z01 )
> You could still see warning (or even error) messages about missing 
> bytes and unssuported multi-disk archives.
> Exit code could be wrong. This all you can ignore now, fix of these 
> problems is in todolist for next month.
> Important are unziped output files, that should be correct.
> -> are files really OK? -> Get you same output as you get by old 
> method of concatenation or
> with pretreatment by "zip -FF segmented_archive.zip --out 
> complex_archive.zip"?
> Or you can use for unzip "-t" option for test of archive. Whatever you 
> want try.
> When you know that archive is ok and you get wrong output, please 
> write me and add link to archive
> if it is publicly accessible on the internet or write how can be 
> create it.
> (or attach it if it is small).
> If you want, you can post same tests for this test-suite:
> https://github.com/pirat89/zip-tests
> Thanks to all who will help with tests :-)
> Regards,
> Petr

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