captive portal implementation found lacking

Rich Mattes richmattes at
Thu Mar 26 04:08:49 UTC 2015

On 03/25/2015 09:52 PM, David Airlie wrote:
> Hey devs,
> So Simo wanted to explode so I've tried to distill down the issues we saw:
> a: you can't uninstalled the config connectivity package from workstation without losing gnome-shell and gdm.

I re-assigned that bug to gnome-shell, which is where the dependency is 
actually coming from.  There's also a dependency in 
fedora-release-workstation, which I think is more defensible but is able 
to be worked around while still keeping gnome installed (e,g. by 
replacing fedora-release-workstation with fedora-release-nonproduct).

> this seems sub optimal.
> b: the feature is over zealous in its letting you know it can't find

Agreed.  There's a FESCo discussion and ruling on the feature at [1] 
which kind of fizzled out.  I think it's worth following up there and 
through the aforementioned bug to follow through with the FESCo decision 
"AGREED: Ask Workstation to rethink how to pull the package in with the 
goal of easily enabling people to opt out (+5, 0, -0) (sgallagh, 



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