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On 26 March 2015 at 17:28, Bojan Smojver <bojan at rexursive.com> wrote:

> Kevin Fenzi <kevin <at> scrye.com> writes:
> > If you wish to test something before it's fully pushed to testing, you
> > can download it directly from the buildsystem via the web interface,
> > koji command line or bodhi client command line.
> I am fully aware of that. I'm making a different point entirely here.
> Imagine a regular Fedora user - the one that has no idea about koji. This
> regular user wants to contribute by testing packages as they are built.
> This
> user is willing to trust a lower quality key in his/her Software (or
> whatever is the current fashion) manager to get the latest stuff, hot off
> the presses.
> And yet, such a user would have no idea new packages were available and
> would have a hard time (relatively speaking) getting them. So, I'm
> suggesting we create a "fastrack" for Fedora, so that more people can do
> this and easier. It would be totally optional etc.

Here is the problems I see with this analogy:

1) Most regular users just want to have a system which allows them to surf
the web, play some games of solitaire, and possibly read email (if it isn't
on the web). This is what the majority of people who use computers want to
do.. if the user wants to start testing things.. he is already not a
regular user.

2) This user who wants to test things is going to need to know a lot of
things which having a faster test system isn't going to fix.
A. They need to know how to test the software (oh look it installed.. now
what do I do?)
B. They need to know where to report that the software is working or not.
C. They need to know how to get help and/or backout the problem if the
software doesn't work.

There are probably other things we need them to know if we want any quicker
testing process. And working on them would actually be a lot less work than
trying to get a fastertrack repo to deal with occasional 2 day delays in
pushing to updates-testing.

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