Packages which are non-compliant with Emacs packaging guidelines

Jonathan Underwood jonathan.underwood at
Sat Mar 28 18:05:11 UTC 2015


Presently a lot of packages are not complying with the Emacs packaging
guidelines[1]. These guidelines have been in place in their current
form since Fedora 16, so it's probably time to start fixing packages.
The lists below detail packages with various problems, and their
package owners.


1. Emacs add-ons with -el sub-packages
The guidelines no longer stipulate that elisp source files be in a
separate sub-package. The packages below still have -el subpackages.
These subpackages should be removed, and the elisp source files should
be packaged in the main package. See [1] for more detail.

alexlan   emacs-common-ess
amdunn    emacs-common-proofgeneral
amdunn    emacs-mmm
jgu       emacs-common-ebib
rishi     emacs-htmlize
rjones    emacs-common-tuareg
sagarun   emacs-color-theme
sagarun   emacs-goodies
sagarun   emacs-haskell-mode
sagarun   emacs-irsim-mode
sagarun   emacs-rinari
sagarun   emacs-spice-mode
salimma   emacs-auto-complete
salimma   emacs-slime
sochotni  emacs-pymacs
tagoh     emacs-apel
tagoh     emacs-common-w3m
tagoh     emacs-mew
timn      emacs-lua
tmoertel  emacs-magit
ueno      emacs-common-ddskk
ueno      emacs-common-riece
ueno      emacs-ibus
ueno      emacs-lookup

[Generated from: repoquery
--repoid=this -s --qf "%{name} %{name}\n" emacs-*-el | grep emacs- |
perl -pe 's/^(.+?)-[^-]+-[^-]+$/\1\n/' | fedoradev-pkgowners | sort |
column -t]

2. Packages shipping support for Emacs
The guidelines no longer stipulate that packages which also bundle
support for Emacs should split out their emacs files in to separate
sub-packages. These packages should no longer have emacs-foo and
emacs-foo-el sub-packages, and should instead ship those files with
the main package which should Require emacs-filesystem. See [1] for
more detail.

chitlesh    dinotrace
chitlesh    perl-SystemPerl
chrisw      git
cicku       nesc
ellert      root
jcapik      sdcc
jjames      bigloo
jplesnik    perl
kimheino    librep
landgraf    global
lmacken     notmuch
mbarnes     Pyrex
mjakubicek  cdargs
mlichvar    libidn
nbecker     mercurial
orion       ftnchek
patches     python-pysmell
peter       erlang
peter       erlang-lfe
petersen    Agda
radford     ledger
roma        pydb
s4504kr     gnu-smalltalk
salimma     gambit-c
salimma     pure
shishz      gtypist
spot        asymptote
tagoh       anthy
tagoh       mozc
tagoh       mozc
tagoh       uim
tagoh       uim
twaugh      a2ps
ueno        gettext

[Generated with: repoquery
--repoid=this -s --qf "%{name} %{name}\n" emacs-* | grep -v emacs- |
perl -pe 's/^(.+?)-[^-]+-[^-]+$/\1\n/' | uniq | perl -pe
's/^(.+?)-[^-]+-[^-]+$/\1\n/' | fedoradev-pkgowners | sort | column


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