Removing packages that have broken dependencies in F22 tree, v2

Kalev Lember kalevlember at
Mon May 4 22:44:02 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Here's another look at F22 broken dependencies. Since last week, we're
down to just a handful of packages. Thanks to everybody who's helped out
with cleaning this up!

The goal is to ship Fedora releases with repos where all packages are
installable. On 2015-05-11, any packages that have remaining broken
dependencies are going to be automatically retired by Fedora release
engineering so that we enter the Final Freeze with clean repositories.

The following packages have fixes available and only need karma in Bodhi
so that the updates can go to stable in time for the final freeze:

And here's the list of unfixed packages based on today's branched
report; affected package maintainers are BCCd. Details are available in
20150504 F-22 Branched report at

       Package          (co)maintainers
Sprog                   mjakubicek
aeskulap                ankursinha, mrceresa, susmit
crystal                 bnemec, chitlesh
dnssec-check            hardaker
dsqlite                 jouty
gcc-python-plugin       dmalcolm, jakub
gl3n                    cicku, bioinfornatics
kde-style-skulpture     jreznik
ktp-call-ui             orphan
leksah                  petersen, haskell-sig
nifti2dicom             dvratil
rubygem-rugged          tdawson
spring-maps-default     gilboa
syntastic               bioinfornatics, praiskup
tango                   bioinfornatics, cicku
xavante                 timn


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