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Richard Fearn richardfearn at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 17:57:43 UTC 2015

> Huh. Does this always default to Source Mage, or does it have
> heuristics which are misfiring?

Neither. The Fedora package is built using `make logos-all`, which
means that all available logos are compiled in. The `find` command is
used to find the logos, and C code for building a linked list of them
is written into load_logos.h before compilation. At runtime,
linux_logo walks the linked list to find an appropriate logo,
according to the settings that are in effect.

Since `find` is used, the logos aren't in any particular order.

Here's the build log for the F22 package:


Towards the end you can see all the "Added logo..." lines, which show
the order in which the logos were found at build time. You can also
see the list by running `linux_logo -L list`, which also shows whether
each logo is a "Banner" logo (text underneath the logo), or a
"Classic" logo (text to the right of the logo):

  Available Built-in Logos:
      Num    Type    Ascii    Name        Description
      1    Classic    Yes    classic-nodots    The Classic Logo, No Periods
      2    Classic    Yes    classic        The Default Classic Logo
      3    Classic    Yes    classic-simp    Classic No Dots Or Letters
      4    Banner    Yes    sourcemage_ban    Source Mage GNU/Linux banner

Banner mode is the default, but the first three logos are "Classic"
logos, so the Source Mage logo is used by default.

For the latest F23 build
(http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=652899), the
order is different, so that build displays a Solaris logo by default

The "normal" way to build this only compiles in the two Linux logos
shown on the linux_logo home page
(http://www.deater.net/weave/vmwprod/linux_logo/), so not compiling in
all logos would be one way to get more satisfactory default behaviour.

Another possibility, if we really wanted the Fedora package to include
all logos, would be to make sure the two Linux logos appear first in
the logo_config file that contains the list of compiled-in logos.

I just spent far too much time figuring out how this works :-) Since
I've done that, I may as well file a bug...


Richard Fearn
richardfearn at gmail.com

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