comps packagereq items default to "mandatory"

Bill Nottingham notting at
Thu Oct 1 19:47:05 UTC 2015

Orion Poplawski (orion at said: 
> Almost none of those appear to be "Mandatory".
> We think this is becoming an issue now because it appears that dnf perhaps now
> prevents kickstart installs from removing mandatory packages from the install
> set.  See and the good
> detective work done by Adam Williamson for more background.
> So, it seems we can either (perhaps) go back to the previous behavior, and/or
> fix comps.  We may want to fix comps anyways as I expect this has UI effects
> as well (perhaps cannot deselect packages after selecting a group?).

Unless something has changed (possible, haven't been playing close
attention), there's no individual package selection for groups, so there are
no UI effects.

Historical info:

This was generally intentional - the group is intended to define a specific set
of packages that would be ensured to be there if that group was installed.
Optional selections are for groups which only have optional packages, or
optional groups that would be selected for particular environments.

That can always be revisited, but the initial premise was that groups of
that form that are specified as they are in comps now weren't supposed to be
modifyable in that way. (Even if yum-based anaconda let you do it in


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