bugzilla search missing fields; can't find if F21 dracut bug filed lately

John Florian john.florian at dart.biz
Thu Oct 1 20:07:10 UTC 2015

> Is anybody else bothered by the latest BZ changes? Where does one select
> the
> Fedora release to limit search results to? And how does one figure out
> where
> to select kernel or dracut? Those scroll lists are much too difficult to
> find
> anything in, overscrolling nearly always except doing one line at a time,
> which would take an eternity to locate anything not starting with z or a.
> I'm trying to figure out if anyone else has filed a bug that dracut builds
> F21 32 bit Athlon/VIA chipset initrds without any storage driver (pata_via
> needed) sometime after kernel 4.1.4 was replaced with whatever came next.
> 4.1.4 works, but 4.1.7 produces emergency shell for failure to find root
> device whether root=LABEL= or root=devname or root=UUID= on cmdline. Also,
> rebooting attemps from the emergency shell utterly fail, and this after
> taking more than 3 minutes just to reach the emergency shell after
> selecting
> a Grub stanza.

I too noticed the advanced search to be severely broken or at least confusing.  Under the Component field it tells you to "Click to list all components" but what exactly are you supposed to click?  At the time I tried, typing in the Component field did not get me a reduced list like it did before so I eventually had to use a simple search and the sort by the component column.  Now however it appears that entering text into the Component field does cause a list to appear for those that match.   I still think the "Click to.." message is confusing.  Some of my confusion may just be due to the incredibly slow response time, Now I've played again with it a bit and Firefox is reporting that the script has become unresponsive.

It certainly doesn't seem very usable to me.  I didn't file a bug on BZ because I wasn't sure where exactly one does that.

John Florian

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