Self Introduction: Dominique Martinet

Dominique Martinet dominique.martinet at
Mon Oct 5 10:07:42 UTC 2015


I'm a developper/sysadmin at CEA, a French research institute, mainly
working on HPC clusters - both maintenance and designing new ones.

More specifically, I'm in the Storage team (tape/Lustre HSM we're proud
of), and have been working on Infiniband developments for a few years
These developments include a RDMA helper lib, libmooshika[1], which
comes with a few utilities and is used by nfs-ganesha[2] for its 9P/RDMA
layer, and for which I've just submitted a package inclusion review

I'm also doing a bit more packaging for our clusters so I might be able
to lend a hand either co-maintaining products we use or taking a few
packages once I get an idea of how much time is required (I guess it
greatly depends on the packages themselves though)

Dominique Martinet

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