Proposal to reduce anti-bundling requirements

Dave Love at
Mon Oct 5 11:09:35 UTC 2015

Björn Persson <Bjorn at> writes:

> Florian Weimer wrote:
>> I would really like to see DT_NEEDED-based use cases for
>> symbol interposition.
> Well, there is the thread wrapper I wrote for the Ada Milter API to
> prevent Libgnat from leaking memory when Libmilter's threads terminate.
> I think what it does is this symbol interposition you guys were talking
> about. The advantage over LD_PRELOAD is that with the right combination
> of static and dynamic linking the library can take care of it all. The
> LD_PRELOAD solution must be done in the initscript or SystemD unit of
> each individual milter that links to the library.

I'm still unclear exactly what situations would count to suggest
examples, but it does look like the sort of thing that needs supporting
for HPC use.

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