Removing packages that have broken dependencies in F23 tree, v2

Kalev Lember kalevlember at
Mon Oct 5 12:59:51 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Here's another look at F23 broken dependencies. A number of packages
have been fixed last week, but there's also a new broken dependency,
CableSwig, due to gccxml retirement.

The goal is to ship Fedora releases with repos where all packages are
installable. On 2015-10-12, any packages that have remaining broken
dependencies are going to get automatically retired by Fedora release
engineering so that we can enter the Final Freeze with clean

Based on today's Branched report [1], the following packages have
remaining broken dependencies (package maintainers BCC'd to this email):

       Package            (co)maintainers    
CableSwig                 mrceresa
apache-scout              goldmann
hbase                     rrati, coolsvap, moceap
moon-buggy                robert
netbeans-platform         moceap, dbhole, omajid
nodejs-grunt-contrib-copy ralph
oat                       gwei3
oozie                     rrati, coolsvap, moceap
openstack-heat-gbp        rkukura
openstack-neutron-gbp     rkukura
openstack-swift           zaitcev, apevec, derekh, hguemar, itamarjp, jsteffan, ke4qqq, mmagr, russellb
pure                      salimma, cicku
pyjigdo                   kanarip, jsteffan
python-django-horizon-gbp rkukura
python-fiat               fab
spark                     willb
vdr-live                  martinkg
vfrnav                    sailer

Impacted dependant packages that would get retired together with the
packages above:

Depending on: apache-scout (2)
	wildfly (maintained by: goldmann)
		wildfly-8.1.0-3.fc22.src requires apache-scout = 1.2.6-11.fc21

	eclipse-jbosstools (maintained by: galileo, goldmann, group::eclipse-sig)
		eclipse-jbosstools-4.2.2-1.fc22.src requires wildfly = 8.1.0-3.fc22
		eclipse-jbosstools-as-4.2.2-1.fc22.noarch requires wildfly = 8.1.0-3.fc22

Depending on: hbase (2)
	pig (maintained by: pmackinn, coolsvap, java-sig, moceap)
		pig-0.13.0-1.fc21.noarch requires hbase = 0.98.3-4.fc22
		pig-0.13.0-1.fc21.src requires hbase = 0.98.3-4.fc22

	hive (maintained by: pmackinn, coolsvap, java-sig, moceap)
		hive-0.12.0-5.fc22.src requires pig = 0.13.0-1.fc21

Depending on: openstack-swift (1)
	openstack-swift-plugin-swift3 (maintained by: zaitcev, apevec, itamarjp)
		openstack-swift-plugin-swift3-1.7-6.20150601git69f94393.fc23.noarch requires openstack-swift = 2.3.0-2.fc23

Depending on: pure (1)
	pure-glpk (maintained by: cicku)
		pure-glpk-0.5-1.fc23.i686 requires
		pure-glpk-0.5-1.fc23.src requires pure-devel = 0.62-2.fc22



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