Removing packages that have broken dependencies in F23 tree, v2

Mattias Ellert mattias.ellert at
Mon Oct 5 17:05:49 UTC 2015

mån 2015-10-05 klockan 14:59 +0200 skrev Kalev Lember:
> Hi all,
> Here's another look at F23 broken dependencies. A number of packages
> have been fixed last week, but there's also a new broken dependency,
> CableSwig, due to gccxml retirement.

There is a replacement for gccxml available called castxml, which does
mostly the same thing. It is however not a drop-in replacement, since
the name of the binary is different and it has different command line
options, so the castxml package (available in Fedora 23 and rawhide)
does not Provide: gccxml.

The castxml binary has a --castxml-gccxml option which creates output
compatible with the old gccxml, so adapting to use castxml should not
be terribly complicated.


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