Request for unretirement of aeskulap

Jens Lody fedora at
Wed Oct 7 21:03:07 UTC 2015

I just asked for an unretirement of aeskulap [1]
It was retired because of dependency-problems before F22.
I fixed these problems and also a crash I found some times ago.

I just filed a (re-)review request on bugzilla [2].

I came in touch with aeskulap when searching for a tool to look into
dvd's with dicom-files of my daughter.
And I found it easy to use and "just work".

When updating to F22 I found it silently broken due to missing
I installed it on one of my testing VM's with F21.

After becoming a Fedora packager myself, I decided to try to fix the
dependency-problems and also a crash I recognized earlier.

I don't know exactly howto proceed now.
I opened the mentioned review, clicked the "Ask unretirement"-button
and write this mail.

After clicking the (unretirement-)button, nothing visible happens,
except for two notifications I got (one for F22 and one for Rawhide).

The aeskulap-timeline [3] does not show anything about the unretirement

So for the moment I will wait and just see what happens.




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