Proposal: retire lesstif in f24 and beyond

Marcin Juszkiewicz mjuszkiewicz at
Thu Oct 8 10:24:14 UTC 2015

W dniu 08.10.2015 o 12:06, Marcin Juszkiewicz pisze:
> W dniu 02.10.2015 o 13:33, Jon Ciesla pisze:
>> Lesstif being basically dead upstream and motif being available, I think
>> it's probably time to retire lesstif.
>> If anyone knows of other packages using it, please let me know and I can
>> migrate them.
> dinotrace
> fbb
> xastir
> xmbdfed
> xvarstar
> Those are blocking aarch64. Will dig for more.


That's all I found.

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