install custom rpm package: failed dependencies

Bob Arendt rda at
Thu Oct 8 20:43:27 UTC 2015

On 10/08/2015 12:39 PM, arnaud gaboury wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 9:12 PM, Reindl Harald <h.reindl at> wrote:
>> Am 08.10.2015 um 21:06 schrieb arnaud gaboury:
>>> Downloading from Intel website the parallel studio 2016. There is a
>>> folder with all rpm packages and a script to install them. I
>>> understand this package is NOT part of Fedora, but neither part of RPM
>>> fusion. So I must not installed it?
>> no, but it's not Fedora relevant
>>> Now regarding my own spec file, I am trying to write it correctly to
>>> help any other Fedora user to install what I want to install.
>>> Unfortunately, again, there is NO Fedora package.
>>> So please tell me if I am wromg when trying to write a clean spec file
>>> with the idea to share with Fedora users? Shall I keep everything for
>>> me when it can maybe help others?
>> but it's not *FEDORA DVELOPMENT* in the context of something relevant for
>> Fedora as a release distribution - and yes: your problem is just a *user
>> related* thing with no context to the distribution itself, especially as you
>> are playing around with a external compiler suite
> Ok then, I will find elsewhere any advice, users at list, stackoverflow
> or whaterver else, or just # rpm -i --no-deps.
> Please apologize for the noise when trying to understand how things work.

You might try the Intel forums and support related to their Parallel Studio
compiler product.  If you bought the commercial product, you might try
filing a support ticket for assistance.  Intel should be motivated to help
you, since this could promote the use of their product.

This mail list is focussed on the the development OF Fedora, not development
WITH Fedora.  Simple mistake.

-Bob Arendt

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