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> Hello! Although my legal name is Chandler, please just call me Lyude
> ;).

Hello. :) 

> I've been a Linux user for a couple years now, and as of the past few
> years have became a developer and am working on making a career out of
> it. I'm currently interning for Red Hat and hoping to get a full time
> job at the end of my internship.I've contributed to numerous projects
> such as Wayland, Weston, libinput, various Xorg drivers and the Linux
> kernel. I'm currently working on getting my ps2emu-tools package into
> Fedora. It's a set of tools that allow you to record PS/2 devices such
> as laptop touchpads, and use the userio kernel module to replay them
> on another machine for debugging kernel drivers without needing the
> physical device in front of you. The userio patches are still in the
> middle of review on the LKML, but you can find the bugzilla for my
> package here:

Nice. Welcome to the fun... 

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