Packaging of PlayOnLinux

Bastien Nocera bnocera at
Wed Oct 14 14:50:53 UTC 2015

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> Hello,
> I want to ask if PlayOnLinux could be packaged to Fedora. This program
> has list of proprietary programs which are not downloaded but could be
> installed if you give it setup.exe file.
> Also it downloads Windows redistributable when user explicitly wants to
> install program (which using this redist) or given redistributable.
> If this is not "legal" in terms of Fedora how it's differ from
> OpenSource software which are using not-OpenSource addons? Example of
> this could be .
> I think it's sad that this good LGPL wine prefix manager software is
> not part of the Fedora and I like to change this.

If the application cannot work without downloading anything, or being supplied
third-party (sometimes proprietary) applications, then it's closer to an
emulator than a front-end that's generally useful.

And emulators aren't allowed in Fedora.

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