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Miroslav Suchý msuchy at
Wed Oct 14 15:13:54 UTC 2015

Dne 14.10.2015 v 16:50 Bastien Nocera napsal(a):
> If the application cannot work without downloading anything, or being supplied
> third-party (sometimes proprietary) applications, then it's closer to an
> emulator than a front-end that's generally useful.

The guidelines speaks about *dependencies*.

I think that the idea behind this wording was "runtime dependencies". To deny application which can not even run without
those proprietary deps.
PlayOnLinux is mainly for games, but you can run any Windows program using that. Even Gimp or Firefox (I could not
remember program which does not have native linux version and is free).
So it may not be useful for you, but it can be useful for somebody else.

For me PlayOnLinux is much closer to virt-manager.

> And emulators aren't allowed in Fedora.

You mean like Wine, all those terminal emulators, QEMU, atari++, hercules, fuse-emulator and lots of others?

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