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Wed Oct 14 15:46:56 UTC 2015

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> Dne 14.10.2015 v 16:50 Bastien Nocera napsal(a):
> > If the application cannot work without downloading anything, or being
> > supplied
> > third-party (sometimes proprietary) applications, then it's closer to an
> > emulator than a front-end that's generally useful.
> The guidelines speaks about *dependencies*.
> I think that the idea behind this wording was "runtime dependencies". To deny
> application which can not even run without
> those proprietary deps.
> PlayOnLinux is mainly for games, but you can run any Windows program using
> that. Even Gimp or Firefox (I could not
> remember program which does not have native linux version and is free).
> So it may not be useful for you, but it can be useful for somebody else.
> For me PlayOnLinux is much closer to virt-manager.
> > And emulators aren't allowed in Fedora.
> What?
> You mean like Wine, all those terminal emulators, QEMU, atari++, hercules,
> fuse-emulator and lots of others?

The ones listed here:

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