Ansible 2.0 in Fedora: review request for python-shade (and a copr)

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars at
Wed Oct 14 17:44:28 UTC 2015

Ansible 2.0 includes a suite of new OpenStack modules (that's good!)
that introduce a number of new requirements (that's bad!), but most of
those requirements are already satisfied in rawhide (that's good!),
except for python-shade (

I've produced a python-shade package and submitted a review request:

This is the first time I've tried formally packaging a Python module,
so be gentle.

If you're less interested in package reviews and more interested in
using those spiffy new openstack modules, there is an installable
python-shade package available via my COPR:

(Caveat: rawhide required)

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