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Am 15.10.2015 um 13:09 schrieb Bastien Nocera:
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>> On 2015-10-14, Alexandre Moine <nobrakal at> wrote:
>>> But, we have to be very careful with this software since it downloads
>>> scripts and icons from the web (in the automated installer part)...
>>> And it can install for example IE or steam by simply clicking a
>>> button, without any mentions of the proprietary part of these
>>> software. I don't know if this is legal from the point of vue of our
>>> lawyers :)
>> Yet web browsers download and execute proprietary software every minute
>> and nobody is for removing the browsers from Fedora because of that.
> That would be because that's not the sole purpose of a web browser, as
> is explained the guidelines. We'd remove any browser that *only* did that


you think websites are free and opensource in general?
they are not, just because it's plaintext doesn't make the code free

i don't get who's business it is to care about what a software running 
on a users machine does *after confirmation of the user* that he wants 
his machine exactly to do that and as far fedora don't host the download 
it's not Fedoras business at all

in other words: Fedora has much bigger problems than this discussion 
like systemd-presets and "dhcp-compat replaces dhcp" while upgrade from 
F21 to F22 *disables* dhcpd on any machine even when the unit was copied 
and modified to /etc/systemd/system and the same likely would happen 
with services disabled by intention if they are default on

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