Recommended way of proposing changes in someone else Fedora packages configuration

Marcin ZajÄ…czkowski mszpak at
Sun Oct 18 13:36:24 UTC 2015


I would like to propose a minor (yet important) change in one of the
Fedora packages configuration (a SPEC file and/or a patch). Is it
possible to create (something like) a pull request which could be
reviewed by the maintainer in some convenient way (*) and optionally
merged? Or the only way is to create a patch and put it into a Buzilla

(*) - a given package repo could be forked and published to GitHub with
a change in a separate branch. The new repo could be added locally by a
maintainer (as a new remote Git repository) and that new branch could be
merge into master and pushed to Fedora repository. Nevertheless it
requires some knowledge about Git and a few manual Git commands to execute)


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