Recommended way of proposing changes in someone else Fedora packages configuration

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Sun Oct 18 20:00:23 UTC 2015

On Sun, 18 Oct 2015 21:41:41 +0200
Alec Leamas <leamas.alec at> wrote:

> Perhaps OT, but I cannot resist: Have you discussed the overall
> workflow here? Cloning package, unpack sources, create patches, make
> a build, revise patches, finalize the spec, perhaps upstream to
> package owner...

Nope. As I said this has been just some "hey, it would be nice if" type
discussions. If someone wants to commit to head up an effort around
this that would be great, but I don't think anyone is currently. 

> All this is IMHO quite messy with a lot of manual steps (?). In the
> best of worlds I could:
>   - With a single command create an unpacked source directory with a
> patch series reflecting the spec patches.
>   - After creating/editing patches, just build using the new patchset.
>   - When the patch(es) are finalized, have the spec updated in a
> single command e. g., syncing the spec with a git or quilt series or
> so.
>   - Of course, something like a pull request would be nice. But isn't
> it the icing on the cake in this context?
> Or is it perhaps already possible, I just missed how to do it?

Well, there's already
That some packages use, and also a git setup like some package use,
for example look at the grub2.spec. 

I'd think a like frontend would but at somewhat of a
different level than this. You would: 

* Go to the interface and create a fork of the package you want to
* Clone that fork and work on it locally with the normal fedpkg tools.
* When it's set, submit a PR to the package owners with all the changes
  in your fork you want to submit. 


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