Recommended way of proposing changes in someone else Fedora packages configuration

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> Thanks for your responses, guys!
> On 2015-10-18 16:57, Christopher wrote:
> > To support this, I try to keep a mirror in GitHub for my packages... But
> > it's hard to stay in sync sometimes and nobody really knows it's there.
> > It'd be nice if this were supported directly, perhaps by automatically
> > mirroring all packages in GitHub, like the ASF does, and emailing
> > maintainers when activity occurs.
> I like the idea with mirroring Fedora Git to GitHub. Read only mirror
> just to be a dedicated place for that kind of contributions (via pull
> requests). GitHub is currently probably the most popular Git hosted
> repositories provider. Maintainers could subscribe to their project on
> GitHub to get notifications about the new PRs (or it could be done
> automatically if GitHub login is associated with FAS).
> There could be optionally a support in fedpkg for merging that PRs
> easily (or just an Git alias to do it - with one precised repo location
> it would not be a problem).
> Automatic mirroring could be probably done automatically by GitHub.
> Things like GitHub account association in FAS or CLA verification
> ( would
> require some additional work.
> Nevertheless I agree with Kevin about dependence on GitHub in that
> element of the workflow (although not the crucial one). Maybe GitHub
> integration would not be so beneficial as probably most of the
> contributions come from people already related to Fedora and it would be
> better to have that interface in the internal Fedora infrastructure one
> day.
> Marcin

​Perhaps GitLab might be more appealing, since it is a FOSS service and it
could be brought in-house relatively easily?​

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