ansible in Fedora 23+ (python3)

Florian Weimer fweimer at
Mon Oct 19 10:47:15 UTC 2015

On 10/19/2015 11:37 AM, Fabio Alessandro Locati wrote:
> 2015-10-19 2:33 GMT+02:00 Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at>:
>> Dusty Mabe wrote:
>>> Does anyone have a good solution for this? Obviously it would be nice
>>> if ansible went to python3 but I think they have stated clearly that
>>> they are sticking with python2 for backwards compat with systems that
>>> still need 2.4.
>> I don't understand why still nobody has forked Ansible to get it out of the
>> stone age.
> It's not so easy. Ansible is based on Twisted which is not yet 100%
> Python3 compatible, as far as I understood.

Does the code which is injected into managed machines use Twisted?  That
would be a bit odd.

I think there are two different levels of Python 3 support, one for the
managing host (desirable but not essential), and one for the managed
hosts (increasingly important if there are systems which only have
Python 3 and cannot install Python 2).


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