Packaging question on MPI requires

Dave Love at
Wed Oct 28 15:14:54 UTC 2015

Sandro Mani <manisandro at> writes:

>> I think that depends on whether you want to enable anything other than
>> C(++), Python, and Fortran MPI packages (generally, not specifically in
>> relation to the dependency stuff).  I know I should have raised this
>> before and probably somewhere else...
> I suppose one could make the dependency generator more flexible by
> having it determine whether a binary is mpi-enabled by simply
> searching for a "/$MPI_NAME" component in its path and checking
> whether it is linked against a

I meant the general support for other sorts of bindings.  I.e. it
doesn't seem as if I could get the R and Octave MPI packaging that I
have into Fedora as things stand.  If that is possible, I'm happy, but
it would be good to have guidance on how.  Otherwise I hope it helps to
have an idea what needs to be fixed.

Automation is good, and I assume there's no problem with extending it if
there's a policy and general framework.

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