To distro-sync or not distro-sync?

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Thu Oct 29 12:33:45 UTC 2015

Am 29.10.2015 um 13:24 schrieb Honza Šilhan:
>> From: "Miroslav Suchý" <msuchy at>
>> From: "Reindl Harald" <h.reindl at>
>> the software upgrade just have to mention the conflicting packages and
>> stop until somebody enables a --force switch and in general DNF has to
>> be much more verbose in case of dependency problems instead just saying
>> "can't do anything because broken deps"
> dnf has `--allowerasing switch - it will resolve the conflicts by uninstallation
> of conflicting packages. Installing the packages regardless the dependencies by
> `--force` is really dangerous and will not be supported by DNF.

removing random packages is also really dangerous and *not* acceptable

frankly if there are problems and i need a hammer then i need a hammer 
in case i know what i am doing - i have solved yum distrupgrade troubles 
hundrets of times by "rpm -e --nodeps" for packages where i am 100% sure 
that they are not system critical and guess what - after that the deps 
where solved and even the correct dependencies installed without any 
cleanup needed after the upgrade

>> currently we have some sort of blackbox with no output how to solve
>> dependency problems
> It outputs the last package conflict found by depsolver. The improvement is on
> the agenda [1].
> [1]

hopefully because is the truth 
until now

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