To distro-sync or not distro-sync?

Petr Pisar ppisar at
Thu Oct 29 15:02:08 UTC 2015

On 2015-10-29, Reindl Harald <h.reindl at> wrote:
> removing random packages is also really dangerous and *not* acceptable
It does not remove random packages. It removes packages that are not
needed because the package was not installed explicitly and it's not
a transitive dependency of such explicitly installed package.

So either it's a bug in dependency specification, or the user should
mark the package as explicitly wanted.

Frankly if someone do a mass upgrade, he should expect some changes.

A contraexemple: A package splits into more subpackages. Suddenly
packages needing a moved file and requiring a package name instead of
a file name will stop work.

Are we going to fight against splitting packages?

(Better distributions have system of notifications that allows to warn
a user before the upgrade that something important is going to change.)

-- Petr

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