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--- NEW FILE pt.po ---
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-03-05 18:07-0600\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2006-04-02 03:35+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL at ADDRESS>\n"
"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL at>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: entities-en_US.xml:4(title) 
msgid "These common entities are useful shorthand terms and names, which may be subject to change at anytime. This is an important value the the entity provides: a single location to update terms and common names."
msgstr "Estas entidades comuns são termos curtos e nomes úteis, os quais poderão estar sujeitos a alterações em qualquer altura. Este é um valor importante que a entidade oferece: um único local para actualizar os termos e nomes comuns."

#: entities-en_US.xml:7(comment) entities-en_US.xml:11(comment) 
msgid "Generic root term"
msgstr "Termo de raiz genérico"

#: entities-en_US.xml:8(text) 
msgid "Fedora"
msgstr "Fedora"

#: entities-en_US.xml:12(text) 
msgid "Core"
msgstr "Core"

#: entities-en_US.xml:15(comment) 
msgid "Generic main project name"
msgstr "Nome genérico do projecto principal"

#: entities-en_US.xml:19(comment) 
msgid "Legacy Entity"
msgstr "Entidade Legada"

#: entities-en_US.xml:23(comment) 
msgid "Short project name"
msgstr "Nome curto do projecto"

#: entities-en_US.xml:24(text) 
msgid "FC"
msgstr "FC"

#: entities-en_US.xml:27(comment) 
msgid "Generic overall project name"
msgstr "Nome genérico do projecto global"

#: entities-en_US.xml:28(text) 
msgid "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Project"
msgstr "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Projecto"

#: entities-en_US.xml:31(comment) 
msgid "Generic docs project name"
msgstr "Nome genérico do projecto de documentação"

#: entities-en_US.xml:32(text) entities-en_US.xml:36(text) 
msgid "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Docs Project"
msgstr "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Projecto de Documentação"

#: entities-en_US.xml:35(comment) 
msgid "Short docs project name"
msgstr "Nome curto do projecto de documentação"

#: entities-en_US.xml:39(comment) 
msgid "cf. Core"
msgstr "cf. Core"

#: entities-en_US.xml:40(text) 
msgid "Extras"
msgstr "Extras"

#: entities-en_US.xml:43(comment) 
msgid "cf. Fedora Core"
msgstr "cf. Fedora Core"

#: entities-en_US.xml:47(comment) 
msgid "Fedora Docs Project URL"
msgstr "URL do Projecto de Documentação do Fedora"

#: entities-en_US.xml:51(comment) 
msgid "Fedora Project URL"
msgstr "URL do Projecto Fedora"

#: entities-en_US.xml:55(comment) 
msgid "Fedora Documentation (repository) URL"
msgstr "URL (do repositório) de Documentação do Fedora"

#: entities-en_US.xml:59(comment) entities-en_US.xml:60(text) 
msgid "Bugzilla"
msgstr "Bugzilla"

#: entities-en_US.xml:63(comment) 
msgid "Bugzilla URL"
msgstr "URL do Bugzilla"

#: entities-en_US.xml:67(comment) 
msgid "Bugzilla product for Fedora Docs"
msgstr "Produto do Bugzilla dos Documentos do Fedora"

#: entities-en_US.xml:68(text) 
msgid "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Documentation"
msgstr "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Documentação"

#: entities-en_US.xml:73(comment) 
msgid "Current release version of main project"
msgstr "Versão actual do projecto principal"

#: entities-en_US.xml:74(text) 
msgid "4"
msgstr "4"

#: entities-en_US.xml:77(comment) 
msgid "Current test number of main project"
msgstr "Número de teste actual do projecto principal"

#: entities-en_US.xml:78(text) 
msgid "test3"
msgstr "test3"

#: entities-en_US.xml:81(comment) 
msgid "Current test version of main project"
msgstr "Versão de teste actual do projecto principal"

#: entities-en_US.xml:82(text) 
msgid "5 <use entity=\"TESTVER\"/>"
msgstr "5 <use entity=\"TESTVER\"/>"

#: entities-en_US.xml:87(comment) 
msgid "The generic term \"Red Hat\""
msgstr "O termo genérico \"Red Hat\""

#: entities-en_US.xml:88(text) 
msgid "Red Hat"
msgstr "Red Hat"

#: entities-en_US.xml:91(comment) 
msgid "The generic term \"Red Hat, Inc.\""
msgstr "O termo genérico \"Red Hat, Inc.\""

#: entities-en_US.xml:92(text) 
msgid "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Inc."
msgstr "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Inc."

#: entities-en_US.xml:95(comment) 
msgid "The generic term \"Red Hat Linux\""
msgstr "O termo genérico \"Red Hat Linux\""

#: entities-en_US.xml:96(text) 
msgid "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Linux"
msgstr "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Linux"

#: entities-en_US.xml:99(comment) 
msgid "The generic term \"Red Hat Network\""
msgstr "O termo genérico \"Red Hat Network\""

#: entities-en_US.xml:100(text) 
msgid "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Network"
msgstr "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Rede"

#: entities-en_US.xml:103(comment) 
msgid "The generic term \"Red Hat Enterprise Linux\""
msgstr "O termo genérico \"Red Hat Enterprise Linux\""

#: entities-en_US.xml:104(text) 
msgid "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Enterprise Linux"
msgstr "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Enterprise Linux"

#: entities-en_US.xml:109(comment) 
msgid "Generic technology term"
msgstr "Termo tecnológico genércio"

#: entities-en_US.xml:110(text) 
msgid "SELinux"
msgstr "SELinux"

#: entities-en_US.xml:116(text) 
msgid "legalnotice-en.xml"
msgstr "legalnotice-pt.xml"

#: entities-en_US.xml:120(text) 
msgid "legalnotice-content-en.xml"
msgstr "legalnotice-content-pt.xml"

#: entities-en_US.xml:124(text) 
msgid "legalnotice-opl-en.xml"
msgstr "legalnotice-opl-pt.xml"

#: entities-en_US.xml:128(text) 
msgid "opl.xml"
msgstr "opl.xml"

#: entities-en_US.xml:132(text) 
msgid "legalnotice-relnotes-en.xml"
msgstr "legalnotice-relnotes-pt.xml"

#: entities-en_US.xml:136(text) 
msgid "legalnotice-section-en.xml"
msgstr "legalnotice-section-pt.xml"

#: entities-en_US.xml:140(text) 
msgid "bugreporting-en.xml"
msgstr "bugreporting-pt.xml"

#: entities-en_US.xml:154(text) 
msgid "Installation Guide"
msgstr "Guia de Instalação"

#: entities-en_US.xml:158(text) 
msgid "Documentation Guide"
msgstr "Guia de Documentação"

#: entities-en_US.xml:174(text) 
msgid "draftnotice-en.xml"
msgstr "draftnotice-pt.xml"

#: entities-en_US.xml:178(text) 
msgid "legacynotice-en.xml"
msgstr "legacynotice-pt.xml"

#: entities-en_US.xml:182(text) 
msgid "obsoletenotice-en.xml"
msgstr "obsoletenotice-pt.xml"

#: entities-en_US.xml:186(text) 
msgid "deprecatednotice-en.xml"
msgstr "deprecatednotice-pt.xml"

#. Put one translator per line, in the form of NAME <EMAIL>, YEAR1, YEAR2.
#: entities-en_US.xml:0(None) 
msgid "translator-credits"
msgstr "José Nuno Pires <jncp at>, 2006"

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