Coordinated list of writers/tutorials?

Dave Pawson dpawson at
Wed Apr 7 18:41:56 UTC 2004

At 19:30 07/04/2004, Tammy Fox wrote:

>You can also check out
>which is the latest thread of volunteers and topics.

 From which I see

Bruce Martin  - Wireless / PDA configs

I've been 'busy' playing with a new Palm Tungsten E pda
for the last week or so (fascinating!).

Two items intrigued me.
1. pda+Linux.
2. Heavy reading on the Palm.
   E.g All the ietf rfc's are available in palmreader format,
   and Norm Walsh has done a W3C -> iSilo format link,
   to get all the W3C specs he needs.

The linux pda stuff seems heavily out of date (personal view,
with a newish pda).

Is Bruce still working on that?

Does he want any assistance?

regards DaveP

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