[Fwd: USB Key and Fedora Core 2/Gnome2.6 How-To]

Dave Pawson davep at dpawson.co.uk
Sun Aug 1 12:34:01 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-07-31 at 19:07, Colin Charles wrote:
> Don't know if we can make this of use in the Docs Project, but it might
> be handy
> The author, and Tim has been CC'ed as well
> This adds to Tim Waugh's guide http://cyberelk.net/tim/usb-storage.html,
> and I think will make a good HOWTO/Guide for the docs project

> In thanks, I wrote a simple and to the point How-To for using autofs to
> mount a USB memory key on a Fedora Core 2 system.  The How-To is
> available here:
> http://www.systemsaligned.com/learn/howto/hwtusbkey

I needed this last week :-)
I think that's an excellent addition to the docs project.

I wasn't aware of the hardware probe via the menu system,
so did it via a terminal!

I also mounted it using /etc/fstab rather than the more useful option

What next? reference it from Fedora-docs, or move it to docbook for
addition, if the author is OK for that?

btw, this also raises the fc1 fc2 issue. the method works with fc1,
so it would be a good testbed for marking up, entity extensions etc.

** action required from project lead** :-)

regards DaveP

Regards DaveP.
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