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Dave Pawson davep at
Sun Aug 1 18:09:33 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-08-01 at 18:31, Karsten Wade wrote:
> Did you mean to take this off-list? 

No, sorry, I just hit return.

> I can't help it if someone gets pissed off; to be honest, I'm not in
> much of a better situation -- I just write stuff for this project, and I
> currently can't write to the Fedora CVS.  Still, I'd rather have a
> number of items in the queue for when CVS shows up, than have a bunch of
> whining in the queue.
> This is my style, so you can use it or abuse it:  I'd rather do
> everything within my power _first_ instead of waiting for Mom to fix it
> all for me. 

I'm trying to point out ways for improvement Karsten.
I dont' see it as waiting for mom to fix anything.
 Though if you *are* the only RH input, and you don't have site access,
why are we here?
  Waiting for Tammy's child to leave home?

> >   Where's the bugzilla page | instructions whatever?
> > More hurdles Karsten?
> In the middle of the page at it
> has always said the following; it can't be much clearer than this:

My bad. I'd not read it|taken it in| seen bugfixes on the horizon... 
  Though how the heck can we fix 'em if we can't commit?
  More catch 22? / Join the queue?

> Bugzilla is the tool for reporting problems and requesting features with
> any aspect of Fedora.  This is no more a hurdle for Fedora docs project
> than it is for Fedora Core. 
Two wheels is a hurdle if you've never ridden a bike.
You may be familiar, I'm not.

>  Ultimately, it's a better-than-nothing
> project management tool for maintainers.  Much easier to do a bugzilla
> search for all open bugs than comb through this mailing list looking for
> someone's suggested fix.
> > > When CVS opens for us, we will have a lot of work to do, but it will be
> > > good work, instead of starting from scratch.
> > No note of this as an interim on the docs project page?
> > Its dead meat as far as a project page goes.
> > Gathering dust.
> I don't have access to update that page.  If I were to suddenly have
> that access tomorrow, I still don't know exactly what needs to be
> updated on that page.  If every message on this list reporting what 
> needs to be changed was a bugzilla report, we'd be much further ahead
> than we are now.

OK. Bugs and bare/unchanging web pages are two different things IMHO.

> "Leadership
> Leadership in the Fedora Project will be post-facto recognition of
> acting leaders, not appointment of people to start acting as leaders
> after appointment. The leaders that we will recognize 

Who's 'we' if not RH? => some manner of project lead to make that
decision? Or is this just another rh catch 22?

> So ... there's this thread I started with the subject "what is ready for
>"  I think we should use that thread to gain consensus
> about what changes we think should take place on the two docs pages,
> then file a bugzilla report detailing the changes.  Would you like to
> contribute your ideas to that thread, maybe even try out the bug
> reporting?

If that's the definition of a bug, I'll try it; but I'm losing hope.

Regards DaveP.
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