CVS Mirror

redwire at redwire at
Tue Aug 3 11:46:30 UTC 2004

The question was asked about 2 weeks ago about hosting the CVS. I got some
specs, but I wanted to follow up.

I am migrating to a static IP 1.5/286 with Speakeasy in the next month. 
While I don't want to drag my connex down, I'd be interested in hosting a
CVS mirror. In real terms, how much drag will I see if I host a CVS or
mirror CVS?

I guess I don't quite understand why the CVS is LOCKED and why the Fedora
Main Page hasn't been updated to release\hyperlink to at least some

FC1 and FC2 have been in production since APRIL, it seems important to ME
at least that there be some sort of documentation made avail. Also, I
think that releasing some documentation would help alleviate some of the
errant posting of questions to the fedora-docs mailing list.

The other alt. is to consider a FC docs based website, on my server, and
ask for any interested doc mailing list participants to send their docs to
me and I'll post them.

Thoughts and clarification of usage appreicated


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