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Tammy Fox tfox at
Mon Aug 16 20:35:08 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-08-15 at 19:50, Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-08-14 at 17:17, Tammy Fox wrote:
> > It seems like we have some duplication of effort here. Before I knew you
> > had started a process document in XML, I started 
> > 
> >
> Yeah, sorry you missed that, it predated your work by a few days.  Just
> represents accumulation of consensus + my own idea wackiness.
> > Seems like we should combine our efforts and decide whether to use XML
> > for this or just post it on the website. Since it isn't very long, I
> > started it as a straight webpage thinking it would be faster to update.
> > Which do you prefer? I do like your explanation here of the lifecycle of
> > a tutorial so I'll incorporate it into my page as soon as I get a chance
> > (within the next few days).  We could even draw up a flow chart in Dia.
> > Like I said previously, my page needs organization. I was just trying to
> > get it up for everyone to see as soon as possible while everyone was
> > interested in discussing the idea.
> Well, it was plain text, but Dave converted it, so I thought we might as
> well use it now.  I think it should end up in the Doc Guide as an
> chapter.
> I don't quite think of our two output as duplication, although our
> content might be.  I think your Quick Intro... serves as something we
> can easily find on the Web, and it quickly distills the ideas that
> should be fleshed out in the part that I wrote (which is pretty fleshy).
> How about this?
> Fedora Doc Guide
>   Doc Lifecycle Process
>     Quick Introduction to Writing for Fedora Documentation Project
>     Lifecycle Process
> The Quick Intro... is a distillation of the ideas covered in detail in
> the Lifecycle Process.  We then link directly to the Quick Intro... from
> _and_ from as
> "how to get involved with writing or editing Fedora documentation."
> The chapter Lifecycle Process is what project members must learn,
> follow, and improve via consensus.
> To get to that point, we need to be sure that the two accurately
> describe each other.  I'll finish the process in XML, create a bug
> report for it, attach it, compare that against the work you did, attach
> a patch to that on the same bug, and start a fresh thread on the list
> about the whole thing.
> When that is done, you and the other editor-minded people can have at it
> again for a final consensus.  Sound good?

The webpage I started is a quick version to get you started, and the one
you are working on to be included in the Docs Guide is the detailed
version. Sure, sounds good.


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