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Thanks now i have Fedora on my pc. When try to configure DNS on Fedora It is not working. MY DNS configuration files and contents are coreect. Any help regarding DNS. 
Also please give me some help for configuring Samba as PDC on fedora.


On Mon, 12 Jan 2004 alvaro gonzalez rivas wrote :
>yes you can directly upgrade from rh9 to fedora. provided your cd's are
>o.k. and you dont have a cheap cd-rom that doesnt decide to give you a
>hard time. just pop cd 1 in and on the install program just tell it to
>upgrade from fh9 to fedora on your hd0 or wherever you have your linux
>install. you still need all 3 cd's and it should take you about 30
>minutes. plus if you want to install the latest rpm upgrades once you've
>done the fedora install, it should take you a bit longer depending on
>your connection. suggestion install the new kernel first and THEN
>download everything else. i wouldnt know about any major dns server
>change though
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>Hi all,
>Now i have Fedora Core CDs. I want to install on my existing rh9 server.
>Can i do upgrade installation on rh9 server. and is there any major
>changes in DNS server configuration in Fedora.

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