FAQs and consolidating it

Dave Pawson dpawson at nildram.co.uk
Thu Jan 29 16:51:37 UTC 2004

At 20:23 28/01/2004, Karsten Wade wrote:

>In that scenario, anyone here can choose to maintain one or more FAQs
>personally, and make sure they get linked to from a master FAQ.  At the
>same time, the docs project isn't saddled with maintaining any number of
>disparate FAQs.
>I recommend we volunteers:
>1. Make up a template for a FAQ.  I think Dave volunteered to do that?

I'm edgy about your format though.
for  a single faq of faqs ??? it should be OK
to use a single page?

>2. Start to compile and write a master FAQ using the template, with
>pointers to every FAQ we know of personally which should be in there.
>It can include links to the other FAQs on fedora.redhat.com.

Might be nice if we used entities to define the actual uri's?
then some redhat/fedora person could maintain that list?
That would keep a single level of indirection in a single place?


>3. Contact the various FAQ authors out there about providing a summary
>and URL to the master FAQ; at the same time, offer them the FAQ template
>to use if they wish.  Include links to the Fedora Doc Guide and the
>anonymous CVS access details.

I think the summary is key. Give me the reason to go visit?

>4. Get the master FAQ available on fedora.redhat.com.  I'll volunteer to
>do that.
>5. Publicize the beast on various fedora-foo lists.
>At least, these are the ideas that come to my mind. ;-D

Sounds good to me.

regards DaveP

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