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Mark Johnson mjohnson at redhat.com
Tue Jun 8 21:32:16 UTC 2004

Tommy Reynolds wrote:
> Uttered Mark Johnson <mjohnson at redhat.com>, spake thus:
>>I could volunteer as a "Helper" who assists people in getting a working 
>>docbook authoring setup.
> Could you start this by correcting the fedora-docs/example-tutorial?
> The current CVS content gives a very poor PDF rendering, 

This is a processing/stylesheet issue, rather than an authoring 
environment problem.

I haven't even checked: is the pdf output generated from XSL or DSSSL 
stylesheets. If XSL, the fo -> pdf engine is likely passivetex or FOP. I 
dunno. Unfortunately, this toolchain is known to have some major 

I wish I had the time to work on the toolchain (esp the stylesheets), 
but I simply don't have the time now. Maybe in a few months. FWIW, I 
really enjoy working on the toolchain stuff, but I'm already overloaded.

OTOH, I can get someone set up w/ Emacs & DocBook relatively quickly, as 
I've done it many times.

Sorry I can't help w/ the pdf stuff right now.

> I'd perfer to see "example-tutorial" contain the actual template that
> will be used for Fedora docs.  Provide us with the boilerplate and we
> then DOCBOOK by example.

I'll take a look at the "example-tutorial" and see if I can meaningfully 
contribute to a template.


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