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DaveP dpawson at
Thu Jun 17 19:51:17 UTC 2004

At 19:39 17/06/2004, Karsten Wade wrote:

>It sounds as if you are trying to get part or all of the DocBook
>toolchain running under Windows.  While I won't say this is futile, it
>will definitely exercise the edges of your sanity.

No it won't.
Its easy.
I can do it, so it must be.
I've just had to install jdk 1.4..... something
on Fedora core 1 (how to upgrade???)
Now that is hard!

Anyone like to document how slocate and locate work please?

>Instead, have you considered connecting from your Windows OS via PuTTY
>( to a Fedora Core
>server with the Authoring and Publishing package group installed (i.e.,
>docbook-*, tetex, xmlto, etc.)?

Now that is hard :-) I do it for a wiki server I have at work.

>   You can edit using 'emacs -nw',

Oh dear.
   Karsten, that is *really* hard,
when emacs runs on windows so well.

regards DaveP
(don't know why, but defending win32 :-)

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