Instal Fedora on a osx Apple G4 server.

Eelco Alosery info at
Sun Jun 20 10:17:04 UTC 2004


I have a smal webhosting company and for now i rent te servers running 
the hosted main and websites.
But I want to have my own servers and learn to manage them.
Now i know that the Apple osx server software can handel this all, but 
i waant to use the online control panels form ENSIM.
And that can only be instaled on fedora or red hat linux.
But I need this ENSIM sotware becose I already use this on my rental 

So this is wy i want to instal fedora on a Apple G4 Xserver or a G5 

Is there some person who can gif me the information where to start from.
And it wil even be better if that person gan tell it to me in dutch.
Becose i'm from the netherlands :-)

I'm a total newbe on instalin unix/linux from scratsh but i realy want 
to learn it.

Eelco Alosery

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