Elements of Style and the documentation-guide

Rahul Sundaram rahulsundaram at yahoo.co.in
Wed Jun 23 22:17:52 UTC 2004

 If I get it marked up as DocBook/XML, I
> will certainly make it
> available to TLDP, although I would be surprised if
> there's interest
> there in governing uniformity. (By the way, just to
> avoid confusion,
> that's not a slam, nor was I referring to TLDP in my
> earlier comments;
> I've made use of plenty of their docs in the past.)

Of course there is a HUGE amount of interest inside
tldp to create consistent looking documentation. as
someone who has written and reviewed docs for tldp and
generally participated in the discussion list there I
can tell you that such a document would be most

Rahul Sundaram 

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