Identity theft attempt?

David Fletcher fcdocs at
Mon Jan 23 23:38:36 UTC 2006

I set up an email box specifically for use with this email list just a few 
days ago.

I submitted some work to the list on Friday that I've not yet had a response 
to, but what puzzles me is that today I had a genuine email from paypal to 
the normal address that I set up for use with ebay and paypal, asking me to 
update my credit card details because it was about to expire.

Also today to the address I set up for this list only, I received two 
fraudulent emails, claiming to be from paypal and Barclays, both also saying 
that my card details were about to expire, and both having http links in the 
email pointing to a server at

Has anybody else had any emails like this? I have not used this address 
anywhere but with the Documentation list.

Dave Fletcher

Registered Linux user number 393408
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