Self-Introduction: Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan Roberts at
Wed Apr 11 13:03:27 UTC 2007

On 11/04/07, John Babich <jmbabich at> wrote:
> Jonathan:
> Welcome to the Fedora Docs Project.

Hi, Thanks :D
> Ditto on everything Paul has written. I just volunteered
> as lead writer for the Fedora User Guide. We are very
> interested in expanding it to incorporate more KDE and
> (time-permitting) Xfce coverage. Let me know if your are
> knowledgeable in those areas and interested in contributing.

I'm not particularly knowledgeable in those two areas, afraid (or
pleased to say!) I'm a Gnome user but I'd be happy to contribute in
anyway you see fit: I have been making some changes/updates to the DUG
over the past few weeks or so but they've mostly been pretty small - I
hope they've at least made some improvements :D
> I prefer using the wiki to do the bulk of the changes, with the
> result that the learning curve is very low to begin writing.

Yeah, I've found that. The trickiest part is remembering how to mark
all the different technical terms, names, menu commands etc but it's
not hard to look up and I'm sure they'll come with practice!



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