The Great Content Migration

Ruturaj ruturaj at
Sat Dec 1 05:54:57 UTC 2007

> I've created an initial
> page for stuff thats
> in the wiki that is a good candidate for the static content.  The trick
> here is that, and lets be honest, much of what is on the wiki right now
> is garbage.  This is especially true with regards to our end users.  I
> think focus on fp.o should be on consolidation.  Users have short
> attention spans, so less is more.  If we find the need to have a
> higher-detail document, it should probably be in the docs realm and use
> its processes.
I certainly agree, As of now a lot of documentation/stuff is spread on
docs.fedoraprojet or the Wiki, No centralized structure..
Its definitely going to be a pain to centralize, manage with ACL, and
integrate with current DocBook style documentation.
Ruturaj K. Vartak

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