Request to withdraw outdated tqsg translated version

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Wed Dec 5 00:52:38 UTC 2007

Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 07:54 -0500, Paul W. Frields wrote:
>> I wonder if it might make sense to have some sort of notice on the index
>> page stating what the current released version is, to avoid confusion.
>> However, that wouldn't be as much help if someone links directly to a
>> locale-specific document.  In other words, we could put a notice here:
>> But if someone linked to:
>> ...they'd never see the notice.  Probably still worthwhile, I would
>> think.
>> I'm not too keen on constantly removing and adding documents from CVS,
>> which could end up being a maintenance nightmare, not to mention a major
>> abuse of SCM functionality.  Does anyone have some better ideas for
>> marking these documents to make sure that readers know they're looking
>> at something out of date?
> Two thoughts:
> 1. Put a notice onthe t-q-s-g/index.html that says what is updated and
> what is not;
> 1.1 Put a similar notice on the top of all translated guides that refers
> to the canonical index.html as a reference to see what is up-to-date of
> translations
> 1.2 This is a manual process, so sucks for that.
> 1.3 This could be applied to other translated documents.
> 2. Another manual process would be to populate all out-of-date
> translations with a watermark image "Translation Out of Date"
> 2.1 This could be made automagic, that is, when the POT file in CVS is
> changed for a guide, all translated guides get the watermark until the
> corresponding PO file is updated.
This would be eye catching, also 'automagic' sounds charming :)
So that the idea#1's notice can be simple and static?!

>> /me notes ruefully that this would probably be easy in Plone.
> Most likely, since this is an essential CMS need.
> - Karsten

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